Xanthan gum


100 grams, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly

Finest Food Grade Xanthan Gum Available
Extremely Fine Powder – All Natural Xanthan Gum, no added ingredients
GLUTEN-FREE & NON-GMO – A perfect healthy choice for anyone on a low carb diet
BAKING BREAD, COOKING, THICKEN SAUCE & SHAKES – Xanthan Gum is incredibly versatile and can add a bit of fluffiness and volume to your baked goods and thicken your sauces and shakes
KETO DIET – Because xanthan gum contains zero carbs, it’s perfect for Low-Carb and Ketogenic lifestyles, Your Trusted Partner since 2018

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Xanthan Gum is a naturally occurring pure, and very fine powder.

It creates a creamy, uniform texture when added to liquids and has no odor. It is perfect for making gluten-free baked goods with an unbeatable texture, creamy smoothies and ice creams, and more delicious recipes.

The only ingredient in the bag is premium, fine, and pure Xanthan Gum with no fillers.’s Xanthan Gum should be stored in a cool, dry area.


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